Flexible & Nimble. Ability to respond & react to any service requirement.


As the new millennium nears, companies have come to understand that outsourcing is a viable way to improve their core business, while reducing expenses, personnel and overhead. Contracting out tasks that are not part of a company's profit center can free up cash for other, higher return investments. Also, managers can focus on issues that are key to growing their business in marketing, sales & product development rather than getting caught up in the day to day labors of manufacturing, inventory, customer service & product fulfillment. P & R has the ability to respond to the peaks and valleys typical in the manufacturing process that makes outsourcing so rewarding for a company

P & R is a successful outside contract FULFILLMENT services provider which is responsive and flexible to customersÂ’ needs. We offer a broad range of contract services, including our powerful  web base fulfillment, sales, inventory system to our customers.